I am new to blogging and to writing about myself. I find myself driving down the road or contemplating my life, and I organize it all in my head what I would say…then I promptly forget until the next opportune moment! I have started to jot down ideas and topics, and I need a platform to get it all out!

As for me, I am a middle aged middle school teacher who thinks she should like wine but does not. I am the mother of three children and two cats. Two are grown with families and one is still at home currently going into 11th grade. I have the two most precious grand sons on the planet, and there is one more sweet baby on the way. I tend to call them “precious angels” when posting about their sweet selves, and I do that A LOT! I have been divorced since the age of 31, so most of this crazy, insane world I have created on my own, and frankly, I am darned proud of that. Coming from a pretty dysfunctional family myself (no secrets – they know this already), I have tried to create a kind of normal for my kids in order to break cycles of dysfunction where I can.  The jury is still out on that….the truth is ugly…a lot of that stuff is hereditary, but I do my best!

This blog is in the hopes of getting my ideas out and processing a lot of life experiences that have happened in my life as well as promoting my side businesses. With that being said, enjoy the journey with me if you want! You have been warned! LOL

In addition to teaching and the aforementioned precious angels, my passion is working on different crafts, going to auctions and yard sales and saving old things from trash heaps. I clean them up and resell what I can bear to part with. I also sell Paparazzi Accessories AND I write non-fiction web based articles for internet companies. I realized one day that I actually have FOUR…count em – FOUR jobs, and I really do love it! Although I am often tired at least I’m happy!