So it begins….

So it begins…..lithuanian-landscape-1500778

For many years, every time I start to tell stories someone says, “you should write a book!” I usually reply with “I know!” or something of that nature, but I never really thought it could ever happen for me. The reality is I have hundreds of stories that are actually totally true and can beat almost any sob story you could hear from any kid or adult. I think what makes my reality palatable to others is that I have almost always decided to couch my trauma in humor when it is retold. Even when I got divorced and cried for literally two years and thought I would die, I knew that one day I would be able to make people laugh when I recounted the stories. I just always figured if I could laugh about it, the horrible nature of a thing wouldn’t kill me. Now, I have never had to bury a child or deal with cancer, so I am not entirely sure my theory would hold up under those circumstances, but so far this quirky part of me has kept me sane.

As I get older I really think about things that have happened in my life and the things I observe in the world. Some are good, some are not so good, and some are down right sad and gloomy. I have an opinion on everything from the way we cook our broccoli to the idiocy of helicopter parents. Wide range there I know…which is why I started a blog. I’m not sure one single person would be interested in reading what floats around in my head, but this is really more for me, right? Maybe it will give some people insight to similar things they have endured in life, or maybe my kids will string it all together and publish a book after I die and become rich off their old, dead momma! I’m totally good with that.

In any event, I will be writing about a WIDE variety of things. Some may flow well together and some may be totally disjointed. There will be no rhyme or reason….just what I feel like dissecting when I mosey on up to the keyboard! I hope you join the journey and enjoy the ride!


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